Easy ribbon flowers embellished with beads come out. The main color is black and white. A very good color scheme is suitable for your various colors. A teaching material for producing a flower with a ribbon would like to tell you how this step-by-step happens. If you can easily see the bird sheet at a glance, you might think it's a simple piece you can handle. In fact, there are some difficulties you encounter with flowers during your flights. However, it is very useful to focus on all your energy to get this wonderful ornament.


1. Make a petal. Cut out several pieces of 5 centimeters in a 16 mm black ribbon rectangle and 5 centimeters in a 8 mm white ribbon rectangle. Black rectangle one end; Fly the petals on the edge to make them lighter. As the picture shows, turn the petal on two sides and attach it with glue.

2. Make two flowers. Draw a circle known as a flower bed, slide the black folded petal to the base until the flower looks full; then make the same white petal, seaming, add black beads to the heart of the flowers.

3. Slide the white flower onto the base of the black flower, and then pull the ribbon flowers decorated with fabric.

4. Finished.

Things You'll Need

Satin ribbons
Hot melt gun
Glue stick