This tutorial is all about how to make a flower brooch to make a great classic gift. This ribbon brooch is perfect for daily life and for special occasions such as weddings. We can imagine that the ribbon flower is attached to the hair clips, have you ever thought of the ribbon brooch also so beautiful? Once you make this ribbon brooch, I'm so sure that you will not want to stop. You may find yourself addicted to ribbon flowers in various types, so be sure to delete your calendar before you get down to making this ribbon brooch.


First, Make a flower.
1. Cut out a long strip of pink polyester ribbon and running stitch along one side of ribbon, then pull the thread tightly to gather the ribbon.
2. Knot and cut excess thread when you finish.
3. Roll one end of ruffled ribbon from inwards until to make a full flower shape.

Second, Make two bows.
1. Glue the end of the ribbon in place.
2. Cut the organza ribbon and wrap the circle around the bottom of the flower; glue the ends.
3. Fold the two bands with two strips of green polyester tape and tighten them with glue.

Third, Stick the brooch.
1. Create a circle with a point band and paste the middle to a green bow at an angle.
2. Paste the flower into the middle of the bow.
3. Attach the brooch to the back side of the bow with a spin that feels between them to secure.


Things You'll Need
Sewing threads
Polyester ribbons
Organza ribbon
Hot melt gun