1. Select the appropriate drawer boxes. Often, you can remove containers of different sizes in crafts, but if not, check out your local restaurant repair. Select the size according to what you want to add.

2. Move the transformed poo cards to the coke base or similar screen near the door so that guests can help themselves or simply take them out when they leave.

3. Interior of the box with tissue paper, raffia, cellophane strips or even fabric (especially if it is a scarf or similar advantage you give away).

4. Paste the box with a colored bow. Use a wide link, such as organza or grosgrain colors and patterns that fit your event.

5. Add a wish box. Suitable items are candy, chocolates, toys, decorations, gift vouchers or music download cards, etc. The theme that you use with your son - for example, if it is tea party - is made up of tea bags, teaspoonfuls and a holder of cupboards.



If you want to decorate the boxes, you can freely do it. But do not assume that you are obligated to do this - the boxes look great just a pretty ribbon.
If the children want it, are they boxes, if it is their own party?

Things You'll Need
Party favors
Take-out boxes