1. Get a bouquet of metal wreath. The floral is usually green, and in it four rings are attached to vertical bars. You can get it in the Department of Art and Crafts in the Flower Department. The size you get is up to you completely!

2. Drag the ribbon loop between the first and the second rings. You can create as many or as few circles as you want. However, the width of the two fingers will be ideal. Also, make sure the loop is horizontally oriented so that it is parallel to the ring. If not, just turn it around.

3. Bind the small ring behind the floral to the ends of the tape. Turn on the bouquet frame so that the curved sides come down. Repeat the ends of your tape under the small ring inside the flower. Tie the end of the tape in the remaining ribbon with a tight knot.
Make sure you tie the ribbon next to a vertical bars in your wreath.

4. Choose 2? 6-inch wide wide band. Ribbon Deco Traps are the most popular, but you can also use jute, sheer, or satin ribbon. Make sure the tape is connected.

5. Learn the wreath and ring pattern. Your wreath frame has four rings. When starting with the smallest ring inside, they will be known as first, second, third, and fourth rings.

6. Cut the tape and sharpen it on the frame. Flip the wreath so that the back appears. Cut the tape to approximately 1 to 2 inches, then bind it with a vertical metal wire rod, a cleaning pipe, rope, or thin wire.

7. Drag the ribbon loop between the next ring until you reach the exit. Reach between the second and the third rings, and drag the other tape circle. Make sure the size is similar to the first loop. Repeat this step for the third and fourth rings.
Make sure you drag tight band over the ring. You want a loop in front of the bouquet, not behind

8. Work your way back to the first ring. Use the same process as before, but on the contrary. Drag another ribbon loop between the fourth and fourth ring. Push on the first loop of the line, then continue till the next line until you reach the circle first.

9. Work on your ring until you start. Keep the loop as as possible as possible, and make sure they are horizontally oriented. Collide with each other a bit so that they stay together and the bouquet is completed.

After each three rows of three rows, secure the tape in your frame with a clean cut of 6 inch pipe. Try to use colors that match your ribbon.

10. Decorate wreath if desired. To give her more character, use a hot glue to protect the objects in front of your floral. Use items that match wreaths and weather colors. Flowers, leaves, and bows are all good choices.

For spring bouquets, try Easter eggs, butterflies, or spring flowers.
For summer bouquets, try bees, butterflies, or daisy / sunflowers flowers.
For falling flower bouquets, try the acorns, colored leaves, or mock spiders.
For winter vase, try decoration, jingle bell, or plastic snow.