Today I will show you how to make a hair bow clip to meet your needs of collecting a bow hair clip with various designs. With the perfect combination of bright red and elegant ivory colors, this makes a neat bow design.

Method 1. Make a First Bow

1. Prepare ivory ribbon with a width of 2.5 centimeters, red ribbon with a width of 0.6 centimeters and 2 centimeters. 2. Then cut 2 strips of ivory ribbon and glue the ends in the middle. 3. Open 2 arcs and secure with glue. 4.Sew 2 arcs together when the image is displayed. 5. Cut the narrow red ribbon to wrap the bow and stick it to the bow.

Method 2. Create a Decorative Bow 1. Create an arc in the same way as a wide red ribbon and make a bow with a tail using a narrow red ribbon. 2.Glum arc with tail in the middle of the big red arc. 3.Attach the sparkly applique into the middle of the bow.

Method 3 Adding Hairpin

1. Make short cuts of narrow red ribbon and wrap around the center of the ivory bow, then tighten both ends with sewing thread. 2.Glue ivory bow to hairpin in place and red arc glue with ivory bow. 3. Done.

Things You Need Hairpin Sewing thread Satin ribbon Applique Scissor Glue Needle