Part 1: Take garland

1. Search the Garland language. To make your coral, you can put flowers in prepaid malland. See Handicrafts Stores, Christmas Stores, Hobbies or Online Stores for Aadhaar.
Garland's base is usually the basic or synthetic emulsion, which is designed to emulate fire, fire and other cones. Synthetic articles will remain more than 1 made of native trees.

2. Place the flowers in the rosemary. There are many ways to fancy flowers with flowers and flowers and make them personal choices. It can interest you in:
Straight line
Then cover under the rosary
In zigzag pattern
1 on each end and 1 in the middle

3. Flowers drop for Garland. When you want to organize flowers in Garland, you can install it properly. Take a wire rope from the leaf and wrap it on a few stalks in the jungle or garland of the Garland. After collecting the flowers, throw the thread so that no blur is empty.

Part 2: Creating other flowers

1. Make ribbon roses. Sometimes you can create many different flowers with ribbons including popular roses. To make this rose, you need a flower ribbon or a 910 mm satin ribbon, which is 30mm wide. You will also need tape measure, pinch, and yarn or wire to finish the tape.

Put the ribbon on the table. Measure 1 to 75 mm tip. At that point, make 45 times your sides, so the tape l is upside down. Creating folds to protect L.
Rotate the ribbon clockwise 90 degrees clockwise. Make it again 45 degrees times towards you. Continuation of the 90 degree ribbon in opposite mode of the clock and continue to make 45 degree times. It appears you are translating the ribbon into a small box. When you fold everything except 75 mm of tail on each end of the tape, stop it.

At the end of the ribbon where you have finished, cut the ends to make a point. Push the tip of the tweezers through the center of the squares from the bottom. Place the ribbon endpoint between the Tweezer forks. Apply pressure to tweezers because you pull the ribbon point through the center of the box and the bottom. Continue stretching until you have 50 mm of tail through the center.

Hold the tape drawn by the center through the center, and gradually turn the tape towards it. As you do so, the ribbon will curl around the center, making the petals. Roll until all the layers of ribbon sections do not twist in the shape of roses.

On the underside, two ribbons finish together and before plucking the excess, protect it with a needle and thread or a wire wrap.

2. Create daisy from ribbon. Daisy is a popular flower you can make with ribbons, and you can use different kinds of ribbon to make this daisy. For this project you only have a 152 cm satin ribbon which is a crystal 1 or a gem with a width of 16 mm, scissors, needle and thread, hot glue, and flower center.
Pinch one end of the ribbon between your thumb and your precursor. Measure band pieces from 38 mm to 50 mm in length, then fold back the tape to make the circle automatically. Pinch the ribbon between the thumb and the precursor to keep the circle safe.

Continue repeating in a ribbon like that, stacking on top of each other like Fold Aggregation. You should create at least 10 to 15 loops, because each will be a petal of flowers.
When you create all the loops you want, use a needle and thread to secure the loop together. Leave some irrigation in the lower left corner of the loop.
Gradually, the ribbon circle is made as a fan so they can form a full circle like a flower. Adjust the loop so that they are evenly around the circle. When done, move the flower without seam. Put a hot glue in the center of the flower and protect pearls, gems or rhinestones.

3 .Put together a ribbon carnation. Carnations are popular flowers for events like Mother's Day, so a ribbon carnation is a lovely project if you want to make a ribbon flower wreath, broach, hair piece, or other craft. For this flower, you need 400 meters of wire-edged ribbon that's 25cm wide. You'll also need a needle, thread, and a pair of scissors.

Take 1 end of the ribbon and push back the ribbon to expose the wire within. Gently tug the wire away from the ribbon. As you do so, slide the ribbon down the wire in the opposite direction, so it gathers toward the middle of the ribbon. Continue sliding the ribbon down the wire until you've gathered the entire piece down to about 75cm.

Trim off the excess wire, leaving a 25mm tail. Tie a knot in the end of the ribbon where the wire is exposed, making sure to gather the wire end into the knot as well.

Using the knot as the center of the flower, gradually wind the ribbon around the center knot, being sure that the gathered edge of the ribbon is exposed at the top. After every few laps around the knot, stop to put a few stitches into the ribbon on the underside to secure it in place. Continue wrapping the ribbon around the center and stitching every few wraps to secure the ribbon.

When you get to the end of the ribbon, tie a knot that incorporates the wire inside as well. Trim off the excess ribbon from the knots at both ends, being careful not to cut the knots themselves.

Finish wrapping the last layer of ribbon, and use the needle and thread to stitch it in place. Turn the flower to the right side and use your finger tips to gently pull and fluff out the gathers to fill out the flower.

3 Carnation Ribbons together. Carnations are popular for events like Mother's Day, so if you want to make ribbon flowers, brooches, haircuts, or other crafts, then carnation ribbons are a beautiful project. For this flower, you need 400 meters wide wire ribbon as long as 25 meters. You will also need a pair of needles, threads and scissors.

Take one side of the ribbon and push the tape to expose the wire. Slowly pull the wire with the tape. As soon as you do so, slide the ribbon under the wire in the opposite direction, so it is assembled in the middle of the ribbon. Continue to move the ribbon under the wire until you collect the entire section up to about 75 cm.

Cut extra wire, leave 25 mm of tail. Tie the knot at the end of the ribbon where the wire is open, so be sure to collect the ends of the wire in the knot.

While using the knot as the center of interest, gradually rotating the ribbon around the center of the bump in the air, it is ensured that the collected ribbon edge is highlighted at the top. After each round around the knot, prevent him from inserting some irrigation in the ribbon below to protect it in place. Continue stitching all the wrappers around the center and securing the tape.

When you reach the end of the tape, tie a knot where the wire is also included. Cut extra ribbon from the knot at both ends, be careful not to cut the knot itself.

Finish wrapping the last layer of the ribbon, and use the needle and thread to sew in place. Rotate the flower on the right and gently pull to fill the flower and use your fingertips to collect.