A homemade Christmas-themed hair clip makes a great gift, and it can also be used to decorate Christmas cards and holiday albums. A little ribbon along with glue can create a fun craft project and unique decoration or accessories!

Things You'll Need:

1/4" gold ribbon
3/8" apple green ribbon
3/8" brown or Turf tan ribbon
Single prong alligator clip
Fabric-tac and glue gun (high temperature glue gun works better)


1. Cut 6 pieces of 3/8" inch ribbon: each 2 pieces of 2.75" inch, 2.5" inch, 2" inch ribbon.

2. Fold and glue ribbons in half.

3. Glue the longest loops on ribbon lined single prong alligator clip.

4. Glue. Glue the 2.5" and 2" inch loops.

5. Make a knot (same as tying shoes).

6. Adjust so the 2 loops are even.

7. Pull the ends so the loops are small enough for the tree top.

8. Cut the ends of the gold ribbon so the bow top covers about 3/4" of the tree.

9. Glue bow top to the tree.

10. Clip it onto hair.

11. Finished.



Single prong alligator clips (also called roller set clips) can be found at beauty supply stores or online.
You can use fabric glue or a hot glue gun.
Ribbons can be found at Yama-Ribbon.com.

Be careful. Don't burn your fingers. Keep around a bowl of ice water. Submerge your hand immediately if you do happen to drop some glue on it.