Cat's butterfly bow is a simplified version of a bow tie that is cut into the size of a cat. As long as your cat does not mind having things added around his neck, this bow tie will provide an additional element of cuteness to your cute cat.


Part 1: Making the Bowtie

1. Cut out the felt. Measure and cut the felt up to about 9 x 4 inches with scissors.
2. Fold the two ends of the ribs, so they meet in the middle.
3. Fold the short end. Make sure that they are slightly overlapping. Use a cloth glue or hot glue to attach the felt pieces in place.
4. Cut out a felt sheet. Measure it about 1 inch in width.
5. Pinch the center of the bow tie, and wrap the felt piece in the middle. Tie back to secure it.

Part 2: Making the Collar

1. Measure your cat's neck. Following this measurement, cut a piece of tape or feel two inches longer than your cat's neck.
2. Bring both ends together to form a circle. Use glue to connect both ends of the cat's collar. Let the glue dry.
3. Or, skip making ribbon or collar feel and buy original collar instead.

Part 3: Securing the Bow Tie to the Collar

1. Use a little glue cloth or hot glue on the back of a bow tie where it should stick on the collar.
2. Before the glue dries, place the bow tie to the desired spot on the cat's collar. You make a collar by hand, consider placing it on top of join, to hide join and add power to it. If using your own collar, put it well from the buckle and the hole. Allow the addition of the collar to dry completely in place.
3. Congratulations! Now let your cat swing his stuff in his new butterfly tie!


Be careful if you use a hot glue - get burned by one wound and possibly leave a severe blister.
Do not leave a bow tie on your cat when it is not in front of you. This could pose a choking hazard if a cat is caught by him in furniture or trees, etc., and you are not there to free the cat.

Things You'll Need
Ribbon or a real collar
Fabric glue or hot glue gun
Measuring tape