1. Cut out the long string of the tape. Estimate the amount of tape you need, depending on how long you want the arc and you want the size of the knife. Wrap the tape around the lip of the lips. Cut at least as many tape or more, depending on whether you want a large or small bow.
To prevent fracture, cut the tape at an angle. Certain fishing is not important until it's just over.

2. Place 2-3 layers of tissue paper. Place your pitcher vertically in the center in an upright position. Choose a tissue paper that is long enough to wrap the entire length of the mugs. Each shorter and you will not be able to close the entire task.
Layer with multiple colors of tissue paper for added decoration.

3. Pull the tissue over the mug. Bring all 4 corners of tissue paper up and down the length of the glass. Hit the end and grab them in the middle. Keep holding the center, complete the final steps to not cancel.
Alternatively, you can place the center of the middle around the middle to avoid decay.

4. Wrap the layer of cellophane through tissue paper. Cellophane will add a decorative shine to your gift pack, adding more protection to your jar. Place a pitcher on a square of cellophane that is as large as the tissue squares and twist it around its top, just as you did with the tissues.
Choose a cellophane square color color of your choice for decorative purposes.
The tissue paper is thin and can be cut without cellophane.

5. Tie the tape around the top. Wrap the tape around the middle of the tissue and cellophane ends. Connect it in an arc or in a dual node, depending on which one you prefer. Curl ends your strips to complete the bound thing with a touch.
If you previously used a rubber band to keep a safe position, leave it to prevent the tie from returning.
Make a gift and end it with a hole. Move the gift label on the tape before fastening it to the packaging if you need to differentiate it from other gifts.