1. Use this wrapping method as a significant gift. It is ideal for the shape of a cube and for a gift that has a reasonable amount of "in bulk".

2. Cut off a large square or a rectangular duplicate tile. Doubling is important to ensure that this is essential. The amount required will depend on the size of your gift; check if it will come much higher than the top of the gift when it is pulled.

3. First, hang the box in the tissue paper. Use a clear tape to hold the packaging in place. Keep packing as smooth and flat as possible.

4. Wipe the end of the tape. Use either oblique edges or "V" shapes. This prevents spills and ensures that the unexpected ends.

5. Start lifting the tile over a wrapped gift from one corner. With the other hand hold the tile that was raised in the center of the top of the gift. Continue pulling small sections of the tile by holding them in the center. Proceed with the work around the field until all the tiles are dragged into the center held by your other hand.

6. Under the gift, slide the satin ribbon and lift it to the sides. Wrap it around the coated tile. Wrap it again in order to ensure the safe keeping of the enriched work on the site. Tie a generous bow.
Several arches can be connected to separate pieces of the strap for a fuller look, if desired.
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7. Hold the upper top firmly. With the other hand, work around the box to edit wrinkles and dancing nicely.

8. Finish by cutting the tile so that it stands upright and falls over the gift. Cut any loose or flexible bits.

9. Completed. The gift is now ready for your lucky recipient. Attach the card and set it.


Things You'll Need
Clear tape
Tulle in color of choice or plain white
Tissue paper in color of choice
Silk ribbon, of a good length, in a complementary color matching the tissue paper