1. Connect the iron to handle. Turn it to about 75% -50% of the total heat you can go to. (depending on how your iron can actually get hot)

2. Get the desired ribbon. Move the straight iron down like straightening your hair.

3. Do not let the iron remain in one part of the strap for a long time. Instead, if it still seems that a certain area is wrinkled, align the area several times until it becomes flat. If you leave iron on one side of the ribbon, you can eat a ribbon that breaks your color.

4. Finished.


Slightly misting the ribbon with water will speed up the process of handling.
To avoid breaking the tape, take the lighter and burn its ends. After trying this, it will not work!
This may not work for all hair bands. First, try a small surface.


Hold the straightener with care, to avoid burning yourself.
Don't leave the straightener on any part of the ribbon for a prolonged period; it may singe or even burn the ribbon.

Things You'll Need

Straightening iron