To make a silky rose, start with a folding 8-inch long strip halfway to make the corner. Cross the lower part above the corner so that the second second chain is now at the bottom. Continue crossing the bottom in the center corner until you have a thick, folded square. Then stack one end of the strap, leave the stacked bay and slowly pull the other end to make the clean nets of the petals. Connect the knot just under the flower to fasten it to your place. To find out how to make roses of different sizes and materials, continue reading!


1. Choose the color of the material. Red and pinkish colors are traditional rose colors, but you may want to make a yellow, white or even black rose for a different effect.

2. Cut the strip to a length of about 8in. If it's shorter, it's harder to work, and if it's longer, there will be a lot more tape than it's needed for a rose. Note that once the rosette is completed, you will again mow the tape, you can skip this step to avoid wasting the tape length.

4. Fold the lower part of the strap over the central wrinkles. The second chain tape will now be at the bottom.

3. Cover the strip with you halfway to form the corner.

5. Continue stacking each bottom of the screw over the central ridge until you reach the square of the squares. Replacement wrinkles until the chimney is quite thick or you have run out of the tape.

6. Pull both ends together between the thumb and cursor. Do not worry about leaving the squares of squares; because they are stacked together, they will simply stretch into the accordion.

7. Grab one of the loose ends of the strap and slowly pull it out of the folded accordion. While dragging, the other ends will remain at rest. This will tie more closely together the panties of the accordion and make a little nodes of petals. Swipe until the pink reaches the size and shape you want, but note that if you draw too far, the wrinkles will come out and the pink will be undoed.

8. Carefully attach the knot on the back of the rose and cut off the excess tape. It may help you turn the flower and press the tape with one finger while connecting the knot. Do not pull the strands again too, or you'll remove the grafts.


The more the fabric is, the more emphasized the flower leaf at the end.
It's wide, it's a bigger rose. The narrower tape, the smaller the rose.
They can make you a great bouquet. If you make a dozen in red, go well with a chocolate box!
To complete the rose you can attach a thin wire and wrap the ends of the tape with a flower strip. This will give a definite look. Make sure that the stem is proportional to the size of the rose or it looks ridiculous.

* Longer tape; more petals on roses.
If you add flowers to the dress, then you must do the opposite color: if the dress is black, white rose or vice versa.

When making these silk / satin roses, be always careful when using hand-crafted scissors and a clamp gun. Children and teenagers need to be supervised when learning a new craft and who knows when they are older if they so desire that they can earn money from their crafts and interest.

Things You'll Need
Ribbon or other long piece of cloth
Wire for stem
Floral tape