The natural roses are beautiful, but unfortunately they do not last long. Ribbed roses are a great alternative because they are beautiful and durable. In addition, they are easy to prepare and require few supplies. Tape the bands to make ribbons rose, fix them with your preferred method and use them as decorations for events or personal use.

Part 1 Folding the Ribbon

1. Cut the 11.8 inch ribbon for each of the roses you plan to make. You can use the width of the desired tape. A 0.4 cm ribbon is standard, a 0.7 cm ribbon creates a large rose and 0.2 cm creates a very small rose. The color of each tape is ready to use. Cut about 11.8 inch ribbon for each pink.

If you plan to create multiple pink, cut several ribbons of the same length.

2. Hold the center of the tape. Then slide the tape into V-shaped. It creates a vertical angle. V-shaped tip should go.

3. Fix the left side of the tape. Hold the ribbon to the left side and drag it to the right edge of the tape. This part of the tape coincides with the V-shaped part of the folded belt. The V-shaped tip should double with a folded ribbon and the two longer sides should still have a single layer of tape.

4. Slide the tape down. Hold and slide the ribbon end to the bottom of the ribbon's left side. They already overlap with the layers of the V-shaped end. Continue to cover the end of the tape. Repeat until you have reached the end of the tape. Then slide it back to the right end of the tape.

5. Hold the pink tight at the end of the tape. Do this when you reach the end of the tape. Then gently pull a short ribbon to the left. Pull the ribbon until you see the rose forming. Look down the tape to see if the shape is like a rose.

Open the tape and start again if you do not achieve the desired result for the first time.

Part 2 Securing the Ribbon Rose

1. Tape the ribbon in place. When the rose is formed, you must ensure it. Easy way to record. Use a small piece of regular, clear ribbon. Fasten the ribbon to the bottom of the rose. Make sure it is in place before launching or you can lose the shape of the pink.

2. Sew the tape in place. If you do not find that the tape is strong enough, it also has a ribbon sewing area. Select the color of the thread selected near the tape color. Sew the loose, the rest of the yarn to the bottom of the rose.

3. Adjust the tape to your place. An easy and safe way is to put the tape on. Choose a strong adhesive, such as a hot glue or super glue that dries out well. Then add a small canvas to the aluminum binder tape. Fasten the ribbon to the bottom of the rose. Hold the ribbon until it's dry.

Use Ribbon Rose Part 3

1. Make a lintroot bundle. True roses are beautiful, but die very fast. With cedar roses, you can create long bundles. In the hobby room, find the fake stems and glued a ribbon to each stem. Then connect the roses. Paste them with a ribbon or place them in a vase.

2. Glue or pull the roses to the garment. Add flowers to the flower by adding a touch of touch to the clothes. One way is to use rose pins. You can also add tape accessories such as hats and shoes. Be sure to fix it with a rose-pin and do not fix it with permanent methods if you want the ribbon to rise to a permanent decor.

3. Decorate the party with roses. Balloons, such as a wedding, a baby shower or an Easter gathering, provide decorations for ornamentation. You can place slippery roses on the table, attach them to baskets or sew them with a crochet. The production of many ribbon roses can be time consuming, so it is an ideal help when you make them for decorative purposes.
You can use the roses for permanent decorations in every room, like a living room or bedroom.

4. Top gift with rose. Ribbons are often used to overcome gift boxes. Your pink tape likes to use it at the top of the gift box. If you make more than one, you can put several cords in the box. Just make sure that the rose is boxed on the tape or glued.

Make multiple roses out of ribbons of different widths and colors.

Ask for help with any tools you don't feel comfortable using on your own, such as scissors or needles.

Things You'll Need
A few ribbons