1. Gather your materials. Get the role of the ribbon about six centimeters thick. You will also need some scissors and invisible ribbon.

2. Make the first loop. Take three yards of your ribbon and make a loop by holding the end of the ribbon evenly and folding the ribbon on it to create a loop. Hold the cord with the cursor and your thumb moderately.

3. Tie the bow. Tie a knot or bow in the middle of a stick with a ribbon. Make sure it is tightly connected so that you can not stop loops. Allow the remaining ribbon to fall down the center of the bow.

4. Create the next loop. The next loop must be at an angle to the first loop, which is not aligned and at the top. To do this, switch the remaining bar to the right and fold the second loop in the bar. Make sure that the same size is the first loop and lies with the center that is lined with the first loop. Make sure you grab the other loops with one cursor and thumb.

5. Optional add detail on the bow. Take the scissors, fold the end of each loop halfway vertically and trim the 3-inch line in the middle of the bow. Disconnect the arc and you will notice an additional detail at the ends of the bow.

6. Make the remaining loops. Continue with the loops in the ribbon by intertwining the remaining ribbon back and forth to the right and left while holding the center of each loop each time you form a loop. Make about 12 loops.

7. Improve the look of the loop. Adjust the ribbon loops by dragging them and wiping them with your hands. Drag a few loops forward and a little backwards to make the arches even more dimensions.

8. Lift 12 loops with one hand in the middle. Take another strip of glittering ribbon or wire ribbon measuring 12 cm and wrap around the middle of the arc where all the loops meet.

9. Attach the arch. Use the invisible ribbon to hold the pew bowl on the hooks. You can also use a crafting wire to tie around the pew and hold the pew bows in place.