1. You can use styrofoam flowers or a Styrofoam Wreath, but need a tube size tube without a sharp tip. You want some small cms / inch wreaths to choose from. The tied ribbon will make it look bigger.

2. Select your ribbon. To use as a base, you will need a width of 1 to 2 inches, a solid color band. You will also need many other ribbons to use as a relationship. They can be a solid color combination, sheer, pattern or 3. Make sure the colors and patterns work well.
Tie 3/8, 5/8 and 7/8 inch wide bands will be the best choice.

3. Wrap the solid colored band around the flower to cover it. The ends of hot glue ribbon for your Styrofoam Wreath. Wrap the ribbons around the floral in a spiral shape, make sure to coat it a bit. When you start back, cut the ribbon, and the hot glue ends.
You will not see much of this layer at the end, but it will look better for the top through the ribbon bound to styrofoam or bare straw.

4. Cut the remaining ribbon into small pieces. Each of these pieces should be long enough to wrap a floral, as well as a few inches / centimeter for its tail. Depending on how long you cut the tape depends on how thick the wreath is and how long you want the bond.
For more texture, cut a V-shaped footprint at the end of the tape.

5. Bind a small ribbon around the floral. Take the tapes, put it in a bouquet and then bind both ends to a double knot on the outer edge. Repeat this step repeatedly until filling the entire bouquet. Different colors and banding patterns for unique effects.
Start binding on the right side of the hanging ribbon, and finish the bond on the left side.

6. Remove the floral. Adjust the small ribbon and bind it so that the knot is out of the flower and even so. If you see the wreath on your side, then all knots should be straight and not wavy. In the end, slowly pull the edges tied with each band so that they can look perfect.