1. Buy a metal wreath frame. You can get wreath frames in the crafts store. They are typically green, and make up of four rings which are connected by vertical bars.

2. Choose your ribbon. You need different widths of ribbons to tie onto your wreath. 3/8, 5/8, 7/8, inch will be the best choice. Choose a mixture of patterns and solid colors and make sure that they all go together. You can even combine grosgrain, satin and sheer ribbon for a interesting wreath.

Notice: Don't use wired ribbon.

3. Cut the ribbon into 7-inch pieces. You can do this quickly by stacking 2 or 3 ribbons, then cutting them with a sharp pair of scissors. Cut V-shaped notches into the ends of the ribbons for more texture.

4. Tie your widest ribbon to the outside ring. Take a 7/8-inch ribbon and thread it under the outside ring. Tie the end of the ribbon into a tight, double-knot on the front of the ring. Repeat this step with the remaining 7/8-inch ribbons until the outside ring is filled.

Don't tie the ribbons to the metal bars connecting the rings.
Tie the ribbons as close as you can so that the ring is full and nice.

5. Tie the remaining ribbons onto the rest of the rings. You will be using the narrowest ribbons on the inside ring white the widest ribbons on the outside ring. Please make sure that all of the knots are on the front of the wreath, and that you are tying the ribbons as close as possible.

Use the 3/8-inch ribbons on the fourth ring.
Use the 5/8-inch ribbons on the third ring.
Use the 7/8-inch ribbons on the second ring.