1. Cut off two pieces of 22mm grosgrain ribbon. Your first piece must be 8,89 inches long and your second piece must be 7,62 inches long. You can use a colored tape for this, but the pattern looks more beautiful. This will make wings.
The grosgrain stripe is different from the satin ribbon. It is not shiny and has an uneven / ribbed texture.

2. Cut the wing of the sash at an angle. Wipe both wing strips in half, width. Catch ends, then cut it at an angle. When finished, explain the bands.

3. Cut off a short piece with a 9 mm grosgrain ribbon. The band may only be 2.54 to 5.08 inches long. Use a solid color for it. This will be the body.
Choose a color that suits your wider band. For example, if you use a pink ribbon with a white speckle for the wings, choose a white body harness.

4. Cut off a 6,35 cm piece of 3mm tape. This will make an antenna. Use the same color as the body belt.

5. Heat the strips for cleaner equipment. This is not necessary, but it is highly recommended. Not only would this make your butterfly look bigger, it will carry the wearer. Light a candle or switch on the lighter. Hold each strip of tape over the flame for a few seconds until it stops a little.
But do not let the straps burn.
In any case, hold a bowl or cup of water.

6. Sew the running stitch along the middle of the wing strip width. Fold the wing band to half the width. Fold the crease in and then stretch the strap. Install the needle and fasten the knot. Sew a simple run stitch along the folds
Work on the bracelet at the same time.

7. Pull the thread to collect the tape. This will help to create the shape of the wings for your butterfly. Do not quit.

8. Roll the thread around the middle of the wing band and then fasten it to the knot. Hold the bracelet together with one hand and wrap the thread several times with the other hand. Pull the needle under the thread and slide it back through the loop. Make another similar knot and then cut off excess threads.

9. Sew, collect and nod his other wing. Locate the middle of the second wing strip. Pass the stitch in the middle, in width. Pull the thread to get it. Wrap a thread around the wings several times. Clog the thread and remove the excess.

10. Install the wings. Place the wings parallel to the touch of the long edges. Lay a longer wing at the top and a short skirt at the bottom. Make sure that the angles are inclined inwards to the hinge to create> and <shapes.
Make sure the side of the page is facing you.

11. Assemble the wings together. Install the needle and fasten the knot. Slide the needle up through the middle of the lower strap and through the upper strap. Twist the thread several times around the middle of the two strips. Detach the thread and then cut off the excess.
For the right end, flip the butterfly over and then two small seams on both sides of the central thread that connect the wings together.

12. Place the body band in the center of your butterfly. Set the tape body on the work surface. Align it vertically. Move your butterfly so that your back is against you. Put it on the top of the tape. Concentrate on it.

13. Wrap the body band around the butterfly. Put a drop of hot glue on the back of the butterfly. Pull down the lower part of the body and slide it into the glue. Cut off the excess adhesive tape. Put another drop of glue on the back of the butterfly. Pull the upper part of the body and push it into the glue. Cut off the excess adhesive tape.

14. Slide the antenna ribbon halfway and attach it to the back of the butterfly. Turn the antenna halfway to make it V-shaped. Place it on the back of the butterfly where the ends are held at the top of the longer band. Attach the antenna with a few seams.