1. Take a good amount of paper and cut it into half. A blow on the left side of the paper. There should be three to five holes, more if you want the relationship to hold together better, although there are several holes you have, you will need more tape.

2. Find something that you can use as a cover. Large materials or sheets should be handled.

3. Decorate the cover. You can take a picture, follow your hand, stick labels or photos on it, do a writing, write a song, or whatever you want. Be creative!

4. Cut out a tape that is long enough to keep the whole paper together. If you want, you can use several different streaks to make you more colorful.

5. Pull the strips through the holes that hit it in the paper. This is the most important step, because how well you provide a tape depends on whether the newspaper decays or not. Make sure that the paper in the strips is secure.

6. Connect it with a swing, but now you have your personal log. You can write or scream, do whatever you want!


Be careful and aware of paper cuts.
Hole punching a large amount of paper may be difficult - you can use a paper drill or a crop-a-dile to make this easier.


Things You'll Need
A hole punch
A sufficient amount of ribbon
Magazines to cut up, stickers, glitter, stencils, pens, or whatever you need to decorate your journal.