1. Cut the straw into three parts, as shown in the picture.

2. Cut the piece into half.

3. Cut 8,5 cm pcs.

4. Cut the diamond style shape at the center of this section, as shown in the picture. If you like, click on the image to enlarge.

Finally, pull down with the back of the teaspoon. Do it until it sits straight.

6. Cut the center in the shape of a mountain as shown in the picture.

7. Switch this part in half.

8. Create a small ring or loop that sits around the longer parts of the bow. Cut a small ring from the untouched part of the straw; this will be used to slip into longer pieces and keep them together.

9. Place the layers together as shown in the illustration.

10. Cut off a part of a straws that has a flexible or concreting piece.

11. Add a loop or ring.

Clog loop over both pieces.

Press until it reaches the middle.

Bend the straw part with a flexible or concert piece.

12. Check that the bow is sitting evenly. Make the necessary adjustments.

13. Create the shape of the lid.

Loop one side of the 8.5 cm piece and pull it into a loop or ring.

Repeat with the rest of the page.

A tape or an arch is made.

14. Cut any length. If they want, they stain.


Slip it onto a hair pin; it makes a lovely hair ornament for a young girl.
This ribbon made from a striped straw.

Things you'll Need

1 plastic straw (the straw used in the pictures measured 6mm, 21cm