1. Get a metal braid frame. These wreaths are usually green and are composed of four rings connected by vertical bars. You can get them in the floral section of the arts and crafts store. What size you get depends entirely on you!

2. Select a 2½ to 6 inch wide wire tape. The most popular is the tape for the deco network, but you can also use tapes for ribbons, tapes or satin. Make sure the tape is wired.

3. Attach the end of the tape to the smallest ring on the back of the crown. Tilt the frame to the curved side facing down. Pull the end of the strap under the smallest, inner ring on the wreath. Return the end of the tape to the rest of the tape in a tight knot.
Make sure you connect the strap next to one of the vertical sticks on the wreath.

4. Switch the wreath and learn a ring pattern. The winding frame has four rings. The smallest ring on the inner side will be called the first, second, third and fourth rings.

5. Pull the tape loop between the first and second rings. You can do the loop as big or small as you like. However, about two widths of the toes would be ideal. Also, make sure that the loop is oriented horizontally so that it is parallel to the rings. If not, simply twist it, so it is.

6. Pull the tape loops between the following strings until you reach the outside. Drop between the second and third bells and pull out the second loop of the tape. Check that the same size is the first loop. Repeat this step for the third and fourth bells.
Make sure you pull the tape to your fingers. You want the loops to be only at the forefront of the ring, but not backwards.

7. Get back to the first ring. Use the same procedure as before, but vice versa. Pull another loop of strap between the fourth and third fingers. Slide it towards the first loop in this line, then scroll to the next line down until you reach the first ring again.

8. Give your way through the rings until you return where you started. Keep loops as close as possible in size and make sure they are oriented horizontally. Some of them hesitate against each other, so they stick together and the wreath seems full.
After three types of three loops, attach the tape to the frame with a 6-inch pipe cleaner. Try using a color that matches your tape.

9. Cut the excess tape and fasten it to the frame. Switch the wreath so that the back is visible. Cut the cloth to about 1 to 2 inches, then fasten it to a vertical, metallic twine, pipe cleaning pipe, a piece of wire or a thin wire.

10. Show the wreath if you want. Use a hot fixing pistol to protect objects on the front of the crown to get more characters. Use items that match the color of the wreath and the season. Flowers, leaves and flower bows are great options.

Try the ornament, bells or plastic snowflakes for a winter wreath.
Try bee, butterflies or daisies / sunflowers for the summer wreath.
Try to wrinkle, color sheets or fake crawls to fall the wreath.
For spring spring try with plastic Easter eggs, butterflies or spring flowers.