On giving gifts to someone, what always happens in the box that is counted, like what a gift looks like when wrapped and presented. Using the appropriate ribbon, the ribbon that fits with colorful wrapping paper will usually show how much you care.


1. Cut a piece of long ribbon that matches your wrapping paper. It should be long enough to wrap gifts and should be extra extras.
2. Add another third arc with another color or style with another ribbon or string that binds two layers. Like a circle, holding a circle in the middle, and bending to the bow in the middle with a curly ribbon. Cut any extra curly ribbons.
3. Tie the ribbon around the gift.
4. See how special your gift wrap is and present the person you care about.
5. Cut a loose end at an angle. Both ends should be approximately the same length.
6. Tie another bow from the last bow in the middle with a curly ribbon.
7. Cut another piece of ribbon of the same type and length. Repeat several times, hold the circle in the middle.
8. Use a different band and make three rounds. Cut extra tape at an angle.
9. Tie the bow in the box with curly ribbon in the middle of the circle. Trim the extra tape with a bow in the corner. Leave the curling tape for a long time, as they will be used to tie the extra layer on the bow in the following steps.

You can add as many layers as you want.
If you do not know how to create it, get help from an adult.
Every layer you add should be smaller than the last.
Recycle! You can wrap your own gift from newspapers, scraps, clothing, old cards etc.

Things you need

Curling ribbon
At least 2 different colored ribbons.