1. Choose flowers that match the theme or color of your marriage. Many flowers are available in various colors, so choose a suitable flower or available color for your wedding. You would like to choose wild flowers such as wildflowers or daisies if you have a formal event in your marriage.

Visit websites like wedding and interest magazines and websites to learn about size and type of bouquets that you like most.

2. Choose seasonal flowers. Selecting seasonal flowers for your bouquets will save you money and available than foreign varieties. Check your local supermarket to see the beautiful blossoms in the stock. You can order flowers online too as you like.
In spring and summer flowers include cherry blossom, orchids, dahlias, chrysanthemum, peonies,and kacapiring.
Flowers fall and include Gerbera daisy, sunflower, lily, rose, alstroemeria, pennies and carnation in winter.


3. Choose flowers with long stems. You will need strong flowers and long flowering such as flowers, senses, carnations, alstroemaria, sen, tulips and freezesia. Other good choices include Cola Lilly, Singapore Orchid, Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, Bagania and Lisissathus.
The mixed bouillon looks best when there are three or four varieties of flowers and leaves.

4. Choose your leaf. Adding greenery to your bouquet gives you a wholy natural look. Choose a leaf type or something to give more variety to your bouquet. Suitable leaves include camellia leaf, Nilgiri gum, box, Nandina, and fern skin. You can also use Lace Queen Queen, Wheat, Scented Garnem, Bell, and Irish Basil.

5. Cut the tip of the stem with a slant and give the flower a long drink. Remove the fork and separate the lower leaves from the bottom of the flower stalk. Then, cut the stems with a slant and place them in a vase or bucket filled with water. Let them in the water almost an hour before starting with your bouquet.
Make sure that the yield of all your flowers is almost the same length.