1. Gather your materials. To make the French Pouf Rose, you will need a few meters of fabric, scissors and hot glue guns.

2. Cut out the shapes of flowers. Draw the basic floral shape on the fabric of the fabric, the size that you want it to be our flower. It can be as big or small as you would like, but it will be difficult to work with flowers less than about 2 cm across. Approximately 4 "will work well. Cut along the line, then use the first floral shape to choose the same shape on four to nine other pieces of fabric. Cut out all shapes of flowers [3].
To draw a floral shape, start with a circle, then drag a half circle around the circle. If you like, you can print and use the suggested templates
How many flower shapes the fabric you are using depends on how thick the fabric you are using. Take advantage of less thick material.

3. Add the final leaves of the petals. For the last two floral shapes, lay them halfway, then lift both outer edges inward to touch. Do this with both of the last flower shapes. Then put them in the middle of the flower.

4. Place the first floral shape. Cover one of the shapes of flowers in half. Place the edge of the flower to the point of the hot glue, so that when the flower is revealed, focus on the circle
5. Prepare the base. Cut a small circle of fabric. If you cut the shape of the flowers about 4 "wide, it will make a 2-inch wide circle. Place a hot spot glue in the center of the circle.
6. Fare the rest of the floral shapes. For every other form of flowers, place another hot spot point in the center of the flower, fold the flower shape into half and place it in a hot glue. Turn the base slightly during the sticking of each type of flower so that the shapes are not aligned. Stop before using the last two of your flower shapes.

7. Blow flowers so that it looks more like a flower. If your fabric has grown, it's a little flat, you can use your fingers and wrinkles in the petals. It looks more floral.