The flower bouquet of a bride is as important as anything else in wedding planning. To make, not only memories, but the bouquet last forever, create the "flowers" out of fabric.


Things You'll Need
Glue gun
A selection of 1 meter pieces of plain cotton fabric
Gardening wire
Gaffer tape
Elastic bands
Wire cutter
A selection of light and dark green felt
Green fabric ribbon


1. Cut a plain pink fabric. Measure in bars for about 4.7 to 27.6 inches.

2. Iron fabrics. Fold in half with length and then iron it.

3. Fold the back corners that feel to make the leaves

4. Roll the fabric into a flower formation. Collect rolls and make flowers with the fibric.

5. Rotate the flowers together, starting with a big rose in the middle.

6. After all the flowers are strung together, turn the stars in half to make a handle.

7. Use glue outside the feeling box. Wrap the cloth around the flower.

8. Cut your gardening wire to 13.8. Feed through the fabric flower center.

9. Use your player to change the string to rotate one round. Pull the wire through the fabric flowers.

10. Feel the dark green 3.9 in section 3.9 in some sections.

11. Secure clothes with elastic rubber.

12. Repeat for a total of 14 for all your roses.

13. Tie them together with gaffer tape. Feel using a large piece of light green, close the handle by wrapping the feeling around the bouquet.

14. Cut the green ribbon to 11.8 inches and rotate it with a beautiful bow.