1. Gather your materials. For a rose with a button in the middle, you will need at least foot fabric, hot glue gun, and something to be in the center.

2. Cut the flowers. Cut out 12 petals from the fabric. Make 6 long thumbs, 6 but a little less than 1 centimeter.

3. Squeeze and stick flowers. For each petals, pinch the base and put the glue to make it so safe.

4. Lay a lot of petals on the substrate. First, cut a small circle from the fabric to the root of the rose. Then, attach all the hardened petals bases to the center of the circle.
The circle you use for the base should be approximately 1 "to 2" wide.

5. Fold the small petals. Fold each of the smaller petals to your larger colleagues. Be careful not to burn with glue.
You can glue the petals directly over large petals or you can place them in a different angle.

6. Add the button and pin. Attach a button or other centerpiece in the middle of a rose. If you wish, you can attach a safety pin to the back of the flower to use as a brooch.