1. Plan the bouquet lightly in pencil.
The stems of the flowers may intersect. Do not be afraid to put sticks behind the flowers.
Try to place around two thirds of the card, even if it's large, on the front of the card.
Make the total height of each flower shade roughly the width of the tape.
Pencil lightly so that you can delete it if you change your mind or make a mistake.

2. Use a green pencil to draw stems and all the desired pages. Strains may just be strange lines, and leaves may just flow out of stems. Again, do not be afraid to go straight to the place where you put the flowers later.
3. Write down everything you want from the map, and give it or send it to the recipient.
4. Rotate the holes in the top and bottom of each place where you put the flowers. You can use a straightforward or needle that you use to embellish a card or both.
5. Ribbon or glued piece behind the back of the card to cover back to work.
6. Thread the needle with a ribbon.
7. Attach the bow to where the stems intersect. You can glue it or attach it to it.
8. Come through one well where you want to put flowers. There is no need to tie the knot on the reverse side; just hit the ribbon with your finger.
9. Pull out the tape from the back. It can be a simple knot. Avoid big pieces.
10. Take the needle under the other end of the same flower.
11. Repeat as many flowers as you want. You can allow the tape to rotate if you want. It adds some texture and form to the flowers.
12. Adjust the seams as needed. Leave them a little bit so that the tape is thick on the front of the card.



If you're making a lot of smaller flowers on a card, it might be best to use several shorter lengths of ribbon rather than one longer one. It's easier to work with, and the ribbon gradually wears as it goes up and down through the small holes in the paper.
If you can't, or don't want to, draw the stems by hand, try generating them in a computer and printing them on the card with a color printer.
Cut ribbon on a diagonal to prevent it from fraying at the ends.



When punching the holes, avoid bending or creasing the card, and avoid stabbing your other hand behind the card. Stiff card will help.
Use appropriate caution with needles, scissors, etc.

Things you'll need.

Blank card made of stiff paper
A length of ribbon. It should be relatively slender and in the color(s) you'd like your flowers to be.
A green colored pencil to draw the stems
Glue stick or hot glue gun
A needle large enough to admit the ribbon
A pencil