1. Locate suitable bow material. Select the fabric according to the purpose of the bow. For example, you can choose a fabric that suits the dress, matches a fun theme, or matches the wrapping paper.

Waste fabric is ideal for workout and fabrication of fabrics.

2. Cut the fabric into the tape. For a larger bow, cut a wide tape; For a smaller arc, cut a narrow ribbon. Make sure it's well cut; You can override the excess quantity at any time, but you can not add it if you are not long enough.

3. Place the fabric on a flat surface. Lift the fabric in two places evenly spaced from the center of the fabric. Using these parts to create a belt on each side, draw two halves of loops.
The loop on the left becomes "A", while the loops on the right become "B" (or vice versa, depending on how you feel best).

4. Rotate loop A around loop B. Then bring loop A back through the middle. This represents the basic form of the back, and in the middle of the middle node.

5. Firmly tighten the loops. This tightens the arch and allows it to hold its shape. You may also need to pull on the tail bumps. Adapt to both sides.

6. Cutting the tail. Cutting of cuts either in the form of a letter V or a diagonal. It looks cleaner and prevents the destruction of the fabric.

7. Done. By using the same method you can create as much as you need. the more you do, the easier it will be.