Method 1: Basic method

1. Draw two shapes of drops horizontally, tips should be centered on the center.
2. Add some details, such as wrinkles.
3. When you draw another set of stitches, draw an oval cover of all the tips.
4. Add tail and second array of encoders.
5. Finally, use any color you want. Here was used red.

Method 2: Advanced method

1. Draw two irregular shapes that overlap each other, or simply copy the attached illustration to help shape shapes.
2. Now add small circles for colored dots.
3. The next is to draw the straps of the unloaded ends, draw the tails by sketching the reversed "V" at their ends and overlapping the shape over the ribbon bends.
4. Then draw the bows on the right and left sides of the shape. Pull the arcs so that you represent a horizontal triangle without your point.
5. The end that you were drawing by hiding or hiding your pencil sketch using a pen or marker. And then do not forget to delete them with pencil sketches to clear your drawing.
6. Finally, let's look at some lines to emphasize the cloth on the ribbon.
7. Now you can color your drawing. The color of your ribbon is violet from a polka dots of white, but you can also deviate as with the accompanying illustration by coloring the pink ribbon and dots green or dyeing it with any color you want.