Method 1: Using Curling Ribbon

1. Cut the curly ribbon to the desired length. If you are unsure, cut about 12 inches (about 30 cm). If not long enough, you can cut a long section. Remember that when you turn the tape it will become smaller, so keep this in mind.

2. Fight against the scissor bar with your thumb, press the bottom of the dull tape firmly. Make sure the tape is still facing the dull side.

3. Discover the natural curls of the ribbon. Even when the curling tape has not been turned, it will also have a natural curl. When you use scissors to rotate it, you will want to follow that natural curl.

4. Hold and open the scissors by opening the knife. Wrap your finger between the blades and the handle (made in x when the scissors are opened). Your thumb should be caught in the ribbon to the sharp edges of the scissors

5. Notice which side is luminous and which ones are dull and which are boring. When you change the ribbon with scissors, then the dulled side must face down to the ground. Usually the curls attach to the bright side of the ribbon.

6. Pull the ribbon into the tape while continuing to press with your thumb. You need to make sure you do it quickly. Pressure will rotate the tape.
It is important that you do this part quickly, because if you slow it down, the ribbon will not scroll. In some cases it will actually flatter.

7. Understand one end of the band between your precursor and your thumb. You want to stretch it as much as possible. It depends on whether you've tied it in the package, or you'll do it after twisting the tape or not.
It's easy to tie the ribbon on the package and then play it, because then you just have to catch it at one end. Otherwise you have to record it to put it in one place.
If you are right, keep the ribbon in your left hand, and vice versa if you have left the arm.

8. Remove the tape from the scissor knife. Curling ribbon should be spiral. If that does not happen, or you do not have the curls you want, then you can try the process again. If it does not work a second time, you need to get the new ribbon length and try again.