Part 1: Creating Poinsettia from Ribbons

1. Collect your inventory. 1 flower that looks beautiful on the ribbon is poinsettia. To make your poinsettia ribbons, you will need a variety of equipment, including:

38mm wide satin or velvet ribbon in white, pink red and green
2 long sewing pins
24-gauge wire
Wire cutters
Gold rhinest1s
Hot glue gun and glue

2. Cut your ribbon. Start by making a red poinsettia. you will need a strip of green ribbon for the leaves, plus longer and shorter red ribbon for flowers to make it. Cut:
2 strips of 50mm red tape
2 green strips of 150mm
3 strips of 100mm red tape

3. Cut the ends of the tape. you need both ends to reach a certain point with each ribbon, instead of squaring. Fold each piece of ribbon into 2 lengthwise. To make a pointed tip:

At 1 end, cut from the edge of the folded edge down at a 45-degree angle. Repeat on the other side.

Unfold, and the ribbon will have a triangular edge. Repeat with each piece of ribbon.

4. Install the interest. These 2 flowers will actually be glued together to create a single flower, because the poinsettia has a layer of smaller and larger petals. Put your hot glue.

Place a pea-sized glue in the center of the larger flower when the glue is ready. Center the smaller flower on it and tap into the glue so that both sides of velvet face up and the center wire ribbon to match.

5. Fold the red ribbon ribbon. With each piece of red tape, you need to make a few folds to give the ribbon a shape that looks more like a flower. To fold strips, you must:

Fold the ribbon half lengthwise, so the velvet side touches. Press down with your finger to create a crease in the ribbon.

Fold the ribbon in half another way to expose the velvet side on 1 side, and make a fold. Repeat on the other side.

Pinch ribbon in the middle and incandescent bands on both sides. Plugs in the middle of the 3 folds with a sewing needle. Do this with all 3 long strips, and stab them all with the same pin.

Repeat with a smaller red ribbon ribbon, but transparent with the 2nd pin.

6. Collect flowers. Start with the red strip again. Open the wire from the spool and wrap it around the midpoint twice, just beside where the pin is located. Release the pin.

You should now have 6 red petals. Wrap the wire around the base of each petal once with the same length of wire. This will help separate the petals and keep them in place. When you have wrapped the base of each petal with a wire, cut the wire with a wire cutter.

Repeat these steps with a smaller red ribbon. You will end up with a smaller flower with 2 petals.

7. Create enough flowers for the wreath. Repeat these steps to make red, white, and pink poinsettia flowers with green leaves. You will need about 10 to make a basic garland.

8. Make a leaf. Fold each section in half lengthwise with the touching velvet side with a green ribbon. Create a crease in the ribbon. Pinch the center of each ribbon and between the strips to form an X. Open the ends of the ribbon.

Plug 2 bands together by wrapping the wire horizontally and then vertically around the meeting point with the new wire length. When finished wrapping the leaves, roll the wire to the back of the ribbon and reserve 100mm wire rod before cutting.

9. Complete the flower. Put a peanut glue in the center of a green ribbon. Center the red ribbon on top of this and press it to glue.

Place 3 or 4 small dots of glue into the center of the flower, and attach a gold imitation diamond to each dab to make stamens in the center of the flower.