1. Get a picture and insert it into the box.

2. Locate your tape.

3. Take the strap and place it on one of the bottom corners.

4. Move the ribbon at both ends and inspect the frame.

5. Pull the belts in the opposite direction and secure them into the loop.

6. Insert the box into the bag and place it on the fabric.

7. Introduce your girlfriend and see her face when she sees her.

8. Done.



Choose a simple frame and a simple ribbon to help your friend focus more on the image.
You can give the picture without a bag and it is still a great gift.
To make the ribbon more durable, place some hot glue under the ribbon.
Choose a picture from a long time ago or from a fun time to make it more special.



When crossing the ribbon on the back, be careful not to go over the stopper holding the picture frame.

Things You'll Need

A picture frame
A picture
A ribbon
Gift bag
Hot glue
Tissue paper