1. Gather materials. You can make a simple flower with ribbon made by loops for petals, and their insurance, with a seam or some glue. If you want to try this method, you will need to collect your ribbon, the button for Every flower you want to do, some threads and needles. You can also use a bonding stick, if you have one.
If you want to make an optional stem, you will need a flower wire and flower strap.
For this method, use a heavy double-sided ribbon that will keep its shape.

2. Cut off the ribbon. Now cut the ribbon to the desired length. It depends on how great you want the flowers to be. Try 13-inch large flower bars and 6-inch ribbons for small flowers. The number of bands you use will also depend on the size of the flowers and the number of cocks you want to have.
A simple flower can be made with only four lengths.
For a full-bodied flower and more petals, try eight with 8 ribbon lengths.

3. Position the strands. Now you need to put the ribbon down in the star pattern before the loops. Start by placing one ribbon in a vertical line through the center, and then placing ribbon horizontally in the middle of this ribbon on the Cross shape.
Then you can place the other strips of strips in diagonal lines evenly across the cross to create the desired floral pattern.
If you are struggling to visualize a sample, you can think of the star symbol.
When you have them in the position you want, attach them by sewing or gluing the center.

4. Make loops. Now you can have the strands in the petals loop. Take the beam at one end from the center, and fold it and in the middle of the flower. Depending on how many strands you use, you may need to arrange a few loops before moving to the next one. If possible, hold the loop in place until you do everything you can to protect them at the same time.
Make some seams through the center of the flower to secure all the loops in place.

5. Add a button. Once you have created all the loops, you can attach them to the site and create a nice central point for your flowers. Gets a button and either stitch into the center, or paste it into. Ga Assembling Available Easily connect all the loops.

6. Make a stem. You can add a stem of this flower with a flower wire. Bend the wire in half and slide it under the seams on the back of the central part of the flower. Now the wire must extend beyond the center of the flower and look like a stem.
To finish, wrap the flower strap around the wire.
This will give a better end.