1. Go to the traditional one. Choose a blue or blue paper package. Blue is the usual color associated with the boy.
Alternatively, you can choose other colors. Fingers, green and red are good options for wrapping paper.
Black and white are neutral colors if you do not want to choose a clear color. Although all whites are fine, black needs tinting to not look, so always use it with plenty of white or other colors.

2. Select a pattern. There are many options for lapse wrapping patterns. When you buy or design your own paper, you need to keep in mind some of the patterns:
Belts, polka-points or geometric shapes
Hobbies such as bow, balloons and capitals, etc.

3. If the gift is for a particular holiday, consider choosing a paper pack to fit your holiday. For example, it may be a Christmas gift, a Hanukkah gift, Diwali, Halloween, etc.

4. Find the wrapping paper that you think is suitable for the boy. Trains, planes, cars and hot air balloon are one topic, although there are several other options like:
Sweets and cakes, etc.
TV show signs
Cartoon or animated characters

 5. Ask your child's parents. If you really want to get something that will attract an infant boy when he or she presents gifts, ask your parents what their favorite icons, motifs or colors are and go to that place.