1. Choose your band. You can look for a band that matches your outfit or that has an interesting texture like velvet or a raised pattern.

2. Cut the ribbon. Use about 12 inches of tape to make a standard size sheet. If you want to make a smaller or larger bow, use less than 12 inches or just over 12 inches of tape.

3. Hold the section of your hair or all your hair in your hand. You may want to tie your hair up or back with a scrunchy hair band to make sure your hair is safe.
Feel free to also create two braids on each side of your head and add ribbons to the ends.

4. Slip the band around your hair with one hand. If you have used a hair tie, slip the ribbon around the hair tie so that it is covered with the ribbon.

5. Take each side of the ribbon and loop so that they form a knot. Pull both sides of the band so that there is a tight knot in the middle of your hair or in the middle of the tie.

6. Tie a bow. Just as you would tie the laces of your shoes, make two loops and tie them into a bow.

7. Look in the mirror and adjust the bow accordingly. Make sure that the loops on each side of the bow are the same size and that they are directly on top of your head.
Apply hair spray or hair gel to remove all sorts of veils and make sure your hair looks elegant and tidy.

8. Hold the bow with KY Jelly or Checked Syrup. The bows can be difficult to care for, especially if it is a fussy child who likes nothing in the head. Try to put some KY Jelly or Check Syrup under the middle loop of the bow to secure it.
You can also try to place some jelly or syrup in the middle of the knot before you tie the bow.

Do not tie the bow too loose as it could fall.
Try to keep all hair together as pinching the hair in the bow could be painful.