1. Cut a 30 cm long and 1 cm wide strip of paper for a small flower. Cut the ribbon twice as long and twice for a slightly larger flower.
Paper with a different color on the back will make a multi-colored rose.

Paper of the same color will make a single rose.

2. Turn the corner of the paper at an angle of 45 °. Turn it over by aligning it with the horizontal ribbon of the paper. With this work, you become the center of the rose.

3. Rotate this acronym as you can four times in length.

4. Lower the ribbon by 45 ° downwards. Then wrap. Repeat the process, tilt 45 ° on the slope and then turn a quarter of the way around the rosette.
Every incline and every roll makes a tail.
Attach the flower to the bottom to hold it tight.
The more attention you give to your wrinkles, the stronger the rose.

5. Glue the adhesive to the other side of the paper on the second or third sheet with adhesive. This will help to stay wrapped up. But do not cut off the ground.

6. Inspect and rotate paper until you reach the end of your rose. Apply a strong glue to the end of the paper. Put it on the bottom of the flower under one of the first layers of paper.

7. Attach the center to another object, eg. B. a stalk, on the flower. Try origami roses in different sizes.