1. Prepare a paper plate. Cover the plate with aluminum foil. Alternatively, use a foil cover cake board.
2. Tear the paper into small pieces. The precuter should be able to do this without help.
3. Choose the right piece of paper. The above picture shows traditional colors to celebrate Christmas, i.e., red and green. However, choose preschool favorite colors - white for gold, gold and silver for shining effects, other colors, etc.
4. Add other decorative elements. The picture shows some silver bands; According to the preschool, whatever is in the craft box will fit well. Glue on extra decoration
5. Glue the pieces of paper around the edges of the plate. Do it as shown in the picture above.
6. Finish with bow. Tie a clean bow to adhere to the top of the floral paper. Attach a piece of yarn or ribbon behind a bouquet so that it can be hung on the door.


A favorite decoration could be attached to the middle if wished, such as a Santa or a reindeer.

Things You'll Need
Aluminum foil
Scraps of paper
Decoration scraps
Paper plate or round cake board/base