1. Collect your supplies. If you want to make a large flower arc, you will need a piece of string with a string, about 4 inches wide and 3 meters long.
The wire ribbon is much easier to work than a soft ribbon, because it keeps its shape better, making it a more complete arc.
You will also need a length of 9 or 10 inches of floral wires stacked in the U shape and a pair of scissors.

2. Make your central cycle. Take one end of the strap and form a strap to make sure the "right" side of the strap is facing outwards.
Keep the bottom of the loop between your thumb and your finger tight. Keep in mind that the size of the loops you make will determine the size of the completed arch.
At the bottom of this first loop, leave the ribbon a tight roll to make sure that the correct side of the ribbon is facing out. This is the secret of a beautiful port.

3. Make the following two loops. Design a second loop on one side of the original center loop.
Secure it between your thumb and fingers holding the first loop and giving the ribbon another good loop to make sure the right side is facing outwards.
On the other side of the central loop, make a third loop, which is fastened between your fingers and rotate the strap.

4. Continue with loops. Continue using the same loop technique, locking and tilting until you have four or five loops on each side of the original center loop.
Depending on how you want your end loop to look, you can do all the loops in the same way, or you can make them progressively larger than you go.
When finished with loops, lift the end of the strap and secure it between the thumb and finger. This will create a large circular loop hanging below your arc.

5. Protect it with a flower wire. Take a U-shaped piece of flower wire and place one leg over the center ring so that one leg is on each side of the bow.
Turn the legs of the cables by fixing the bottom of the arch and holding all the loops in place.
Alternatively, some recommend turning the arc itself (instead of the cable), as they claim that this results in stricter arches that do not decompose.

6. Expand the bow. Take a few moments to pull out all the loops and create a rounded flower shape.
This can require a firm pull, but the wireband must do what is commanded!
Also, make sure to round each loop so that it looks perfect and round instead of flat.

7. Cut the tail. Cut a large loop to hang on the bow with half to form the tail. Cut the cuts as short as you want and give them a sloping end or swallow, which you prefer.

These arches are great to fit in the middle of the banquet tables. They give extra color between the bouquets of flowers.
In image storage, foam is used to keep images in frames. The piece you need is about 5 "to 12". Most frames have wheat-like nuclear particles of this size and will sell for pennies.

The wire used to protect your flower arc should be very tight or the loops will move. If necessary, use the pliers to help interlock the cable extremely tight.